Classic Car Insurance

You’ve put everything into keeping your classic car beautiful

So why not do everything you can to protect yourself against losing it? Classic and Collector Car Insurance doesn’t work the same way as traditional auto insurance because we know your Classic Car isn’t just another auto. You maintain it differently, care for it differently, and drive it differently, so we insure it differently.

What makes a car a classic?

No two definitions are the same – is it classic because of its age? Because of its condition, or rarity? Or is it a classic because you’ve made extensive modifications, done a custom build, or because you’ve preserved as much of the original as possible? Is it a “Classic” car, a “vintage” car, a “Collectible Car”, an Enthusiast Vehicle”, an antique, a project car, a restoration, a race car or a modern classic?

States regulate what qualifies a car as a “Classic” differently, and they will have different restrictions on when and where cars registered as classics can be driven (only in parades or car shows, for instance). This all has an impact on the rate you pay for classic car insurance.

For insurance purposes, we are referring to vehicles that are not “daily drivers” used to commute, and that are valued on different criteria than model year and mileage.

What does Classic Car Insurance Cover?

Classic Car Insurance covers the same things as regular car insuranceLiability costs for harm done to others or their property in an accident; Collision, for the costs to repair your vehicle in a wreck; Comprehensive Coverage for losses incurred due to vandalism, fire, theft, and other non-collision damage; and Uninsured/Underinsured motorist coverage, to fill in the gaps when the liable party can’t pay.

The difference is that classic cars are driven a lot less than, and cared for a lot more than daily drivers. So the risk of a collision, or a liability claim is much lower just because the car spends a lot more time in storage than on the road. For this reason, premiums for classic car policies can be lower than standard auto insurance.

Agreed Value Policies

In a standard auto policy, an adjuster can determine your car’s market value by taking a quick look at the factory equipment in your car and comparing it to a price guide after a claim is filed. With Classic Car Insurance, market information is often not readily available, and price guides don’t often take aftermarket parts or complex restorations into account.

Many classic cars are investments, and unlike most autos their value increases year over year. With Specialty Auto policies, the value of the vehicle is agreed upon when the policy is written so there is no confusion at claim time.

Classic Car Insurance Custom Built For You

Classic Car policies are as unique as the cars themselves. Whether you need a policy as precisely engineered as a European roadster or as bulked-up and flame-decaled as an American muscle car, Plummer Insurance Agents are able to shop multiple insurers and custom-mod the policy you need.

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