Homeowner’s Insurance

Your home is the one place you should always feel safe.

But what do you do when something happens to your home, and everything in it?

Homeowner’s insurance policies pay to repair or rebuild your home after a disaster up to your coverage limit. Lightning, fire, hurricanes and hail are standard covered causes, and your policy will usually cover detached structures on your property, too.

What does a Homeowner’s Insurance Policy Cover?

Personal belongings are covered under most homeowner’s insurance and renter’s insurance policies, up to a limit. This can include protection from theft as well as damage or destruction, and it is standard for policies to include some level of protection fro items stored outside of the home as well – whether in the garage, in your car, or a storage unit.

If you or a family member causes injury to damage to others, your homeowner’s Liability Protection covers you. This includes pets, so if your dog bites someone your legal expenses and payout will be covered up to your liability limit. This coverage will also pay medical bills if someone outside of your household is injured in your home, no lawsuit necessary.

A standard homeowner’s policy also offers Additional Living Expenses (ALE) coverage. If your home is unlivable due to a covered disaster, the extra cost of living away from home (such as hotel bills) will be covered up to a dollar and/or time limitation.

What should I know before getting Homeowner’s Insurance?

Gathering some information before you quote a policy will help make sure you purchase enough coverage. Know what it will cost to rebuild your home if it is totally destroyed, not just what your home is valued on the market.

A household inventory can help you assess the level of personal property coverage you need. Some insurers recommend you use a video camera (or cell phone) to go room by room and give everything a value to be as accurate as possible. This may also help if a claim is disputed.

Particularly expensive items, such as art, furs, jewelry or collectibles may require a little extra coverage on a personal property “floater” to ensure they are fully covered if stolen. Anything particularly valuable should be appraised and scheduled as part of your policy.

What Home Coverages require separate policies?

In high-risk areas, Wind and Hail coverage is often limited, and supplemental coverages are worth asking about. If you need Flood or Earthquake coverage, those policies must be purchased separately.

Some households require higher liability limits; ask your agent about an Excess Liability “Umbrella” policy.

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