St. Patrick’s Day Insurance Hazards

For business owners, especially those in the bar and restaurant industry, the annual revelry on St. Patrick’s Day weekend comes with pros and lepre-cons.

Don’t rely on the luck of the Irish – make sure you’re prepared for the sort of hazards that could cost your business a pot o’ gold! 

The biggest risks around St. Patrick’s Day are often centered around – you guessed it – alcohol. Alcohol-fueled falls and altercations can damage property and even lead to loss of life if a patron who has had one too many gets behind the wheel of a car once they’ve left your business. If you own a bar or restaurant, here are a few ways you can mitigate these risks:

  • Make sure your staff has a refresher on what safe service looks like especially knowing when it’s time to cut a patron off. 
  • Have enough staff on hand for crowd control and making sure people who are already drunk can’t set foot inside. 
  • Check your establishment for any tripping hazards (especially in restrooms) and make sure they’re clearly marked. 
  • Empower your staff to call cabs or other transportation for guests to ensure they can get home safely. 
  • If you have a General Liability policy for your business, make sure it includes liquor liability if you’ll be serving 

Even if you don’t plan on drinking to mark the occasion, be careful out on the roads. Just because you’re driving sober doesn’t mean everyone else is. A good auto insurance policy with plenty of Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist coverage can be crucial in making sure an accident doesn’t break the bank, even if you’re not at fault.

Stay safe and may the good craic find you this St. Patrick’s Day! Cheers! 🍀

Written by Jon Becker