Haley Magee

Customer Service Representative

Haley McGee is an Insurance Agent in Chappell, NE

Contact Haley

(308) 874-2201
extension: 811

Haley grew up in Curtis, Nebraska and graduated from Medicine Valley High School in 2010. She attended Central Community College in Hastings, and in 2012 relocated to Chappell to do para-education work at Creek Valley Public Schools. In May of 2014, she started her insurance career at Prince-Empson Insurance, and remained there until it was was acquired by Plummer Insurance in 2022. Plummer Insurance was glad to keep her on board as a Customer Service Representative.

Haley enjoys volunteering and participating in her community – she currently serves as the Treasurer for Berea – St. Marks Lutheran Parish; she sits on the Chappell Golf Course Advisory Board; and is co-coordinator of the Holiday Angel toy drive in the Chappell area. She also serves on the Deuel County Fair Board and has been a lifelong member of the American Legion Auxiliary.

She lives in Chappell with her boyfriend, Derek and their three kids, Charlie, Piper, and Mogen.