Center Pivot Insurance

Agriculture is a complicated enough business on its own…

And if you irrigate with Center Pivot Sprinklers, the complications add up from there. They’re a fixture, a structure, and a vehicle all rolled into one. At Plummer Insurance covering center pivots is, well, pivotal to our business, so we understand how important they are to yours.

Doesn’t My Farmowner’s Insurance Cover My Center Pivots?

Your sprinkler’s can be added to your farmowner’s policy to allow for some amount of coverage, but mobile irrigation equipment is excluded from all blanket policies. Something as vital and expensive as an irrigation sprinkler deserves its own specialized protection.

Filing a claim against your farmowner’s policy can raise the premiums you pay on your entire property, even if the rest of your property is at a relatively low risk. A separate pivot plan can help spread that risk around, and keep your property premiums where they should be.

If an extreme weather event like a tornado takes out more than one sprinkler, the claim may start to bump up against the limits of your farmowner’s property insurance policy. This can not only cause delays in getting equipment back up and running, but may leave the rest of your property exposed.

What does my Center Pivot Insurance Policy need to cover?

Farmers don’t always have the luxury of waiting for rain – an out of comission irrigation system might mean the difference between seeing a crop through to harvest; or watching it dry up in the summer sun. When we say we want you to like us most at claim time, replacing a down center pivot is exactly what we mean.

Replacement Cost vs. Actual Value

Center Pivots depreciate quickly. If your sprinkler system is only covered at its current value, you might find yourself paying a lot more out-of-pocket than you’d expect, even if the sprinkler you’re replacing is only a few years old. Getting a new system installed is stressful enough without cash flow to worry about, too.

Insuring pivots at replacement cost is the best way to minimize downtime and keep you doing what you do best. Most pivot insurance policies have limits on what sprinklers they will even offer replacement cost coverage for, but there are policies out there for sprinklers of any age that you should ask your agent about.

Ancillary Equipment

So you know that your center pivot is insured, but that’s not the only piece of equipment involved – it’s an irrigation system after all.

Go over your policy with your agent to be sure it covers your pump, electrical panels, or other pieces of equipment that are just as essential to irrigating your crops as the pivot sprinkler itself is, because that’s not something you want to find out when you file a claim.

Pivot Sprinkler Insurance

We’ve been covering pivot sprinklers for as long as the industry has been here and our agents have decades of experience and expertise in the field. We know just how important it is that your sprinklers get back up and running as soon – and as painlessly – as possible.

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