Farm and Ranch Owner’s

A farm is so much more than just a business. The land you work is often the land you live on, spend time with your family on, invite your friends to and pass down to the next generation. We know how important protecting is, and a farm owner’s insurance policy can do just that.

At a base level, farm policies cover physical damage to the machinery, structures, livestock and shop equipment stored and used on your farm. If your home is on the same property, it and its contents will be part of the policy. Farm policies also include liability protection, in the instance that someone is harmed or injured on your property, or due to your farm operation.

Beyond that, coverage needs vary as much as farms do. Some farmers live on their property, some don’t. Some farms have livestock, some don’t. Some sell only to other farms, or secondary processors. Some sell food direct to end users, and some even let the public pick their own produce or go on hayrides.

All of these variables influence the kind of coverage you need, and in many cases are required by law to carry.

Getting an accurate quote for a farm policy can be an involved process. It can take several visits with an agent, and they may need to inspect your premises themselves.  The more information you are prepared to provide up front, the easier the process will be.

Bring copies of any insurance policies the property already has, as well as a record of gross receipts for the last five years, a description of the premises, and a description of the farm’s operations to get the agent started on the quote process. Oh, and be sure to list your center pivots. We are Center Pivot Insurance experts.

Our agents are experts in determining your operation’s particular needs, and they can compare plans from a number of insurers to find the right coverage for you.

No matter how comprehensive your farm coverage is, we recommend an additional umbrella liability policy for those things you just can’t predict. You’ve worked hard for your farm, and we will work hard to see that you don’t lose it.