What Are the Risks to Know Before Boating Season Starts?

As you prepare to get out on the water and enjoy the weather and the season, don’t let risks that you may not have considered get in the way of your good time. Consider preparing against these risks to manage your watercraft risks.

Coming Out of Storage

However you stored your watercraft in the off season, it is extremely important to make sure you’re prepared to get back out there. Some of the key steps to take include:

  • Check for any issues with cracks or seals
  • Completing any needed maintenance
  • Checking safety equipment including flotation devices and fire protection
  • Test equipment including pumps, motors, and navigation gear
  • Ensure your batteries, engine, and electrical equipment are all in good working order

Coverage for Your Equipment

Water skis, fishing equipment, audio equipment, trailers – it can be a very large investment for a boater. Do you have these items properly insured? For items not physically attached to your boat, your homeowners insurance may provide some coverage under the “personal property” language of your policy. However, these policies typically have limits and a deductible that will apply if you have a claim.

Your boat insurance policy may have optional coverage available for your equipment, and the key to all this is discussing options with your agent about how to list or schedule any equipment as needed.

Uninsured or Underinsured Boaters

Around 33% of watercraft are not covered by insurance, and many more may be underinsured. If you have a claim that results from an incident with an uninsured boater, you may need additional coverage for property damage and/or liability for injuries to your passengers. Adding this coverage may be an option under your boat insurance policy or through a personal umbrella policy.

Our team loves time on the water too, and we can help you better understand your risks and options. Talk with our team today about how you can be prepared.