Why A Career in Insurance Might Be Right For You

Have you ever thought about a career in insurance?

There are a lot of stereotypes about the “sales-y and boring” insurance agent, but the reality is a career that allows you to frequently help people and offers wonderful growth potential. For job seekers, the insurance industry offers a wide variety of roles and opportunities to explore their interests and passions. Let’s take a look at some of the lesser-known benefits of a career in insurance.

Relationships Matter

One of the most appealing aspects of working in the insurance industry is that it allows employees to develop relationships with the customers they serve. As an insurance professional, you will have a unique opportunity to get to know your customers on a personal level as you help them choose policies that meet their needs. 

Follow Your Interests

For customers insuring their home, auto, and even life – you’re helping protect some of their most precious possessions. For customers with businesses, you’re helping protect their livelihood, their employees, and even the customers they serve.

Support Your Community

Think insurance is boring? Consider this – almost everything has an insurance component. Every business, vehicle, industry, and person can likely be insured. Like shopping at boutiques? They have unique insurance needs that you can become an expert in covering. Love food? Agriculture? Boating? Whatever your answer – insurance plays a role, and it’s a role you can help fill.

A True Career

This industry also offers you a career path that has plenty of potential. From service to sales, to management – your career and your earnings can be what you make it. It also offers incredible stability – insurance is something people need regardless of the economy. We’ve made it through pandemics, wars, economic recessions & depressions, and the industry is still going strong – totaling over $1.4 trillion in premiums in the U.S. during 2021.

So, is a career in insurance right for you? Hopefully you have a better idea after reading this! Check out our Careers page for potential opportunities to take the next step.