Cargo Coverage

For Commercial Truckers

Among the many risks of operating a trucking business, one of the most fundamental is the security of the goods being hauled.

Cargo Insurance can help cover the cost of cargo that’s lost or damaged on its way to its destination due to accidents, fire, or theft. It can also cover the cost of preventing further loss to damaged cargo, legal expenses, cleanup to remove debris or potential pollutants from a spill, and even freight charges lost when a load doesn’t make it to its destination. 

Who Needs Cargo Coverage?

While the federal government no longer requires truckers to have a cargo policy, a growing number of freight brokers and shippers do require a policy as a condition of doing business.

What are the Limits of Cargo Insurance?

Cargo insurance policies generally do not apply to garbage trucks, hearses, limos, buses, passenger vans, and ice cream trucks. Generally speaking, the following types of cargo also aren’t covered:

  • Property not under a bill of lading
  • Radioactive or explosive materials
  • Goods or property owned by the insured
  • Live animals
  • Alcohol, pharmaceuticals, tobacco, and illegal contraband

Cargo insurance policies can vary widely and can often contain significant exclusions. Unfortunately, there is no single universal policy that covers all types of cargo and all situations. Our agents can talk with you about the types of goods you haul and the routes you travel in order to find a policy that works for your specific situation.

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