Trucking General Liability Insurance

Driving a truck presents its own unique hazards, but trucking companies also face the same risks as any other small business

Trucker’s General Liability Insurance can protect your trucking operation from many of the most common third-party injuries or accidents that might happen during the normal course of business.

What Does Trucking General Liability Insurance Cover?

Like other types of general liability insurance, Trucker’s General Liability Insurance can provide coverage for many of the day-to-day risks a trucking company encounters. Here are some examples of situations that a policy may cover:

  • A mistake during delivery that damages the goods you’re hauling
  • A customer getting injured from slipping and falling at your warehouse
  • Damage to a customer’s property caused by a driver
  • Advertising lawsuits, like the accidental use of another company’s logo in promoting your business.

What isn’t covered by Trucking General Liability Insurance?

While Trucker’s General Liability insurance can cover the medical expenses of a customer who gets hurt on your property, it won’t cover employee injuries. For that, you’ll need Trucker’s Worker’s Compensation Coverage. To protect the loads you carry while they’re in transit, you should also consider purchasing Cargo Insurance.  

If your trucking company operates an office, warehouse, or other property, you may be able to bundle a general liability policy with Commercial Property Insurance in a Business Owner’s Policy.  And to keep protected against claims above your normal insurance limits, an Excess Liability or Umbrella Policy is always recommended.

Our agents are ready to answer any questions you might have and find the right policy for your operation.

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