Farm Personal Property Blanket Insurance

people don’t realize everything that goes into growing their food

And that sometimes goes for the people growing it, too. A piece of equipment that’s been left in the weeds behind the barn, a specialized tool stored in the shop’s rafters, or a new pen of livestock you haven’t had a chance to list on your insurance schedule are just as susceptible to damage as the things you think about every day.

What Does a Farm Blanket Cover?

Farm Personal Property covers a wide range of items, generally divided into these four categories:

  • Grain and Feed
  • Livestock
  • Machinery and Irrigation Equipment
  • Tools and Supplies

Some items – like tractors – are obvious insurables, but farm personal property can also include computers and office equipment, pesticides and fertilizers, and silage or stored grain. It’s best to go over inventory with an insurance agent to be sure, but just about anything not scheduled will fall under a farm blanket.

What Kind of Damage Does a Farm Blanket Cover?

Farm Personal Property Insurance policies cover damage due to fire, vehicles or aircraft, theft or vandalism, and weather events like lightning, wind, sinkholes or hailstorms

What Items do I NOT Want Under a Farm Blanket?

A farm blanket policy covers personal property loss up to a certain coverage limit, but some farm machinery is valuable enough that it doesn’t leave a lot of room for the rest of your stuff. High-Dollar equipment is usually scheduled, or listed and valued, on a separate policy.

In addition, vital equipment like center pivot systems that needs to be replaced as soon as possible should be under a separate policy that offers replacement value coverage.

Additionally, any specialty livestock may have a higher per-head value than your blanket policy provides for, and would benefit from its own specialized insurance.

What is Not Covered Under A Farm Blanket?

While a Personal Property Policy covers a broad range of risks, there are certain things that require specialized coverage. For instance, Foreign Object Ingestion for machinery, Livestock Suffocation, and Rodent Damage, just to name a few.

Every farm operation is different, so every farm policy is built from the ground up. Plummer Insurance’s agents know the ag industry inside and out and are ready to discuss the unique needs of your organization – get in touch to start a quote today.

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